Camera Animation: Make your 3D models more alive

Sharing 2D snapshots of your 3D models doesn’t really do justice to their beauty. To show them in their true glory, we should be able to show a video of them as the camera rotates around them occasionally zooming in on the fine features that we would like to show off.

In order to fulfill this exact need, we are introducing a new feature: Camera animation.

It’s very simple, here is how you do it. In this demo, we record an animation for Germán’s Motoconcept model.

Here is another video that we recorded last week using this feature.

At present we don’t have any mechanism to save these animations. But you can use any screen capture software available on desktop to record the animation as it’s playing. You can then share that video via Youtube or other channels. We will add animation save functionality in future for sure.

I can’t wait to see what new videos you guys come up with. Do share them in the chat room or Google group or on our Facebook page.

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