3DTin has been acquired by Lagoa

I am happy to finally share with you an exciting news that we have been working on for past several months now.

3DTin has been acquired by a Montreal based dashing startup – Lagoa.


For more than 3 years, 3DTin has leveraged the Cloud and the Browser to make 3D modeling simpler, more accessible and cheaper. Lagoa has achieved similar feats in the area of Rendering. Lagoa – launched publicly earlier this year – introduced a breakthrough product to do Photo realistic rendering in the cloud. With Lagoa’s products, you can work on rendering projects from your low end laptop, where it used to take a rack of powerful desktop machines before. Lagoa leverages the cloud to do the compute intensive rendering jobs. You can import your 3D models (in many different formats) to Lagoa’s Scene editor, apply different materials to the model, adjust the light configuration in the scene and create gorgeous picture perfect renders like this one.


With 3DTin, users have created a lot of beautiful models. Now they can take these models to the next step. They can import these models into Lagoa and create beautiful virtual worlds around them.

With this acquisition, our development activities have moved from Mumbai, India to Montreal, Canada. Going forward you will see new workflows that will help you make the most of the 3D models you create in 3DTin.

3DTin has thrived on the magnificent participation from its users. We are ever so grateful to you for using 3DTin and building beautiful models that have created a massive collection of Creative Commons 3D models online. Earlier this year we crossed 100,000 users. It was a proud milestone in the short history of 3DTin. We look forward to your continuing support in our future endeavours.

We have learnt several things while building 3DTin. A web browser has come a long way and has become much more powerful than anyone had imagined a decade ago. But a Webapp that is hosted in a cloud and runs in a browser, is a different animal than the traditional desktop application. When such an app does 3D modeling, the task becomes much more challenging. Only few have dared tackle this problem. 3DTin was one of the earliest ones. We started working on it since early 2010, and today we are continuing the same task. With the newly available resources, we are going to tackle more ambitious problems.

No, I’m not announcing any new feature in this blog post. We are still working. Bigger things take time and patience. You will have to keep an eye on our Lagoa blog as we bring some exciting new features to the browser.

We are also attending MakerFaire this weekend in New York. The 3D Printing community has found 3DTin very useful. I hear from many school teachers who use 3DTin to teach 3D modeling to young students. For last many years I had wanted to attend Makerfaire. This time around it looks like I just might make it. Lagoa and 3DTin will have a booth there (Booth #MP39, Pavillion C). You should come and say hello.

Let us know what you think and what you would like to see from 3DTin and Lagoa.

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