The Next Chapter

After 6 years serving the community, it’s with a heavy heart I announce that 3DTin will be shutting down.

Why now? 

3DTin was started in June 2010 as one of the first web based 3D CAD application. In the past 6 years the ecosystem of web based CAD applications has advanced. Simultaneously, we haven’t been able to service the community’s needs.

Autodesk now boasts multiple web-based, CAD tools supporting everyone from the hobbyist up to the professional. Moving forward, we’re certain our community will be better served by one of our other offerings.

Where should I go?

At this point I’d like to introduce you to TinkercadTinkercad launched shortly after 3DTin and in the time has built an amazing, intuitive product. Over 30 million models have been created on Tinkercad; between frequent updatesdocumentation & tips,  videos, and support for educationTinkercad is a perfect home for users of 3DTin. In fact, it should be a big “step up”.  

We suggest you go through your 3DTin models and export the ones you want to carry into Tinkercad as STL or OBJ. Once you’re up and running in Tinkercad, you can import these and continue your work.


3DTin will be shut down December 2nd . While we’re sad to see 3DTin go, we’re really excited by what the community can accomplish with the right tool, support, and community that Tinkercad can provide.


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4 Responses to The Next Chapter

  1. can you plz reconsider shutting down 3dtin because we have a after school program called ace and i have 3d printing plz send me a link to a 3d printing website so we have a site to use and i love this website so plz dont shut it down, and no im not 10 or 12 im 14

  2. It’s a sad news, 3DTin is much more kids friendly than Tinkercad. <10 year old kids prefer 3dtin. And its animation feature is awesome

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