Premium feature: Mix sketches by importing one into another

We have always supported and encouraged refining and deriving from existing sketches. But what if someone wants to use parts from multiple sketches into their derivative work? During my chat with @icevipergt and @Akin (two of our Ace users) in 3DTin’s chat room, I was requested many features, this being the first one. Also as the models created with 3DTin are growing in size, it is becoming more desirable to be able to import only select parts of them into other sketches. Today we are glad to introduce this ability as a Premium feature.

Let me describe how this feature works in four steps. I am going to use Akin’s fantastic 3D model “Bender”. I will import some parts of this model into another fresh model.

1. This step is not exactly necessary for importing, but is recommended. It has also been there for some time now. Group different parts of your model and give them names. I am going to name different parts of Bender’s body accordingly, so that we can import them selectively into our new sketch.

2. Now let’s create a new sketch and try to import some of Bender’s body parts into it. In the new design of the file browser you will see an import icon. I click it to import Bender’s parts into our sketch.

3. 3DTin now loads and analyzes Bender’s model and detects different groups that I  created earlier. If you have named them like I did, it will be easy for you to select them for import. You can also import entire sketch if you want. I will select both the legs for import.

4. The parts are now loaded and turn into their ghost image. Now I find a good spot in my empty sketch and place this pair of legs simply by clicking there.

There you go.

And when you save this sketch 3DTin maintains a member-container relationship between the sketch that was imported and the sketch to which it was imported. That way when the derivative work gets ratings, 3DTin will credit a fraction of that rating to the sketches that contributed to it.

With the new ability of mixing sketches like this, you can organize your work in multiple sketches and then use and reuse them in other sketches. For example, you can design different sets of wheels in separate files and try them on the main body of your muscle car which is in another sketch. This feature also makes sharing between the community possible at more granular level.

Give it a try and let us know your feedback.

(As I mentioned before, this is a premium feature. Hurry up and upgrade if you haven’t already. We are soon going to increase the prices.)

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