Ratings and Tree

Last week I pushed out several fixes but didn’t get time to write about them here. The gallery was redone. Some space was reserved for Ads. A new credits page was added. Also last couple of weeks have seen large number of quality sketches from you. Kudos!

Today for the new year’s day one more feature is ready. Rating of sketches.

3DTin now lets you rate the sketches on scale of 1-5. When you rate a sketch, not only does it get rewarded, but the sketches from which it was derived (if applicable), also get some credit.

Furthermore, you will now see the relationship tree of the sketches. The Sketch Info box (shown below) shows list of sketches that were derived from this sketch and the ones from which this sketch was derived. 


This will give artists more insight into derivatives of their artwork.

Note that, early on the derivative relationship was not getting stored if someone used ‘Save As’ button. So not all sketches that were derived from others will list as the derivatives right now. However this bug has been fixed and any future copying of work should correctly register this relationship.

In future the ratings will be used for various purposes, including selection of sketches for the gallery. So go ahead and rate your favorite sketches.

… and of course, Happy New Year!

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1 Response to Ratings and Tree

  1. Jonathan Maim says:

    Hi! You should add your contact to the credits page ;-)Great app, keep up the good work!

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