Scoring and Profiles

3DTin just got more interesting. It now comes with a scoring mechanism. Now you will get rewarded for creating some awesome 3D sketches.

How does it work?

There are two kinds of score that each user can have: Reputation and Persistence

Reputation is what you score when other people like your work. It is measured from the ratings as well as number of views that all your sketches get. So it is a measure of your popularity.

Persistence on the other hand, rewards you for just putting an effort. A work of art cannot completely be judged based upon how many people like it. Its mere creation is an achievement in itself. The persistence score tries to reward you for doing just that. It is calculated based on the way you spend your time editing a sketch.

Once you have an awesome library of 3D sketches and a reputable score, you will need a way to show it off, won’t you?

Enter Profile pages.

Each user now has a profile page of their own. This page lists all their sketches, in addition to 3DTin scores and a profile image from Gravatar. It also lists the source sketches and derivative sketches if applicable.

Here is an example:


How to get to profile pages? Once you login, your nickname in the top right corner links you to your profile page. The same page is accessible to others when someone opens your sketch or its derivative/source sketches. When you are logged in you can edit your profile page.

If you have used 3DTin before and have created some sketches, you will have a non-zero persistence points. If your sketch has gotten rated or just been viewed by many, then you will also have some reputation points. If you are starting fresh, you can start building your score by logging in.

I hope you will enjoy these new add-ons and they will make you feel satisfied for the time you spend on 3DTin. If you have any more suggestions, please do let me know.

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3 Responses to Scoring and Profiles

  1. Xane M. says:

    I like the persistence. It encourages me to make 3D models and see how much I earn through a model.On the other hand, the profile pages (and the saving system itself) has a problem. Hitting to save a model sometimes makes an exact duplicate on my profile page. At least add a “delete” button so I can remove the duplicate models from my page!Other than that, once again, good work! I still love 3DTin regardless!

  2. 3DTin says:

    Thanks Xane for the feedback. The double save problem arises sometimes when you open one of your existing sketches, start working on it, then for some reason close the tab/browser. Next time you visit 3DTin, you get the same modified sketch that was saved in browser local storage when you left last time. But it looses the information that it was loaded from an existing sketch. Therefore when you hit Save button, it asks you for new name to save the sketch with. When you hit save button a new sketch is created, which appears to be a duplicate of your existing sketch but with some of the recent changes.I’ll try to fix the above issue, maybe by saving the original sketch info in local storage.There was an interface for deleting sketches, but I removed it recently after I implemented the rating and tree structure information for derived artwork. It would require some complicated logic to handle the case when you delete one of your old sketches from which other people have derived their artwork.

  3. 3DTin says:

    Ok, fixed the double save problem. Visit the site and let it update. Once updated you shouldn’t see this problem again. If you do, let me know.

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