Soon going WebGL-only

Last year when we collected stats about how many of our visitors have WebGL enabled browsers, the number was around 55%. Nearly half of our visitors didn’t have WebGL back then. For all those users 3DTin automatically used to fallback to Canvas 2D backend and offer limited set of 3D modeling features.

The world of web browsers has come a long way since then. In past couple of weeks when we collected the same stats, we found that now nearly 92% of our visitors have WebGL enabled browsers. This is a huge boost. My guess is that the growing popularity of Google Chrome and its support of WebGL on machines without graphics card has contributed to this tremendous rise in WebGL users. Whatever might be the reason, the result is very promising.

In the light of these new numbers, it seems to be the right time to drop Canvas 2D backend support. We will be doing that in next few days. The users visiting 3DTin through non-webgl browser will see an error screen that will inform them about WebGL upgrade. Note that, all your models from the past are safe and sound on 3DTin servers, you only need a WebGL enabled browser to access them.

This will help reduce 3DTin javascript code that downloads into the browser. It will also simplify our data structures and make the WebGL backend more efficient.

Do let us know if you have any questions.

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9 Responses to Soon going WebGL-only

  1. zproxy says:

    What about iPad and Nexus 7 tablet? The seem to support CSS 3D but not WebGL.

    • jyro says:

      We would like to support those devices as soon as their browsers start supporting WebGL officially. Until then we are only available on good old desktop. (You will be presented with a gallery of 3D model snapshots if you visit the site from any Android/iOS device today)

      • Tiago says:

        It is now possible to use webgl in chrome (beta) in android devices, all you have to do is enable it in chrome://flags/ however since most 3d cad sites that use webgl, don’t have support for the single touch, or have their special functions on the right mouse button it’s kinda useless as of now

  2. Greg says:

    Hi – I’m using FireFox 19 and get your error message “your browser does not support WebGL” – How can I use/access your service? Do I need AddOn for FireFox?

  3. harrycpedresen says:

    how do i access you from my early version of apple mini? 10.4.11

  4. Craig in scotland says:

    I think you website is shockingly basic. I am on an iPad, and the last time I viewed from work I was on a non WebGL browser. I was searching for cad solutions and followed a link to you guys.
    Okay I can’t use your software, but seriously no feature list, no about, no text of any kind telling me anything about you guys or your site.

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