Export to Thingiverse

Over the weekend Bre and Zach of Thingiverse+Makerbot got in touch with me. They told how much they liked 3DTin and will be able to provide an API if 3DTin wants to directly export its sketches to Thingiverse. I said why not. So after couple of days of hacking, we got this working.

If you don’t know already, Thingiverse is a website where Makerbot fans share their 3D models. Just like 3DTin. So if you design models in 3DTin and want to showcase them on Thingiverse too, then 3DTin has made it pretty simple for you. Just click a link in the export dialog and you are done.

Here are the screenshots of 3 steps in which a model in 3DTin was exported to Thingiverse.

There is some wrinkles that we still need to resolve. The model appears rotated when exported to Thingiverse. That needs some debugging. Also currently only basic cube shaped models are supported. Exporting of smooth shapes is not yet available, but the work is in progress.

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