Better Profiles

We delivered a lot of big-n-small features in past few days, but didn’t get time to write about them. Let’s get started then with this post.

Good artists like to customize their online profile to their taste. Now we provide couple of ways to do it better.

Custom username

First time you login we try to derive a unique username for you. But you may not like it. Now you can change it yourself to anything you like (as long as it’s not claimed by others). This gives you an opportunity to create a nice vanity URL for your 3DTin profile.

Custom Profile image

Now you can upload a custom profile image of yourself. We try to automatically fetch your images from gravatar or twitter/facebook profiles (if you logged in using them). If all fails we show a default image. Now you can choose any one of these images or one of your own to show on your profile page and elsewhere on 3DTin.

Facebook Connect

If you live in Facebook, then you may like automated ways of broadcasting your online activity to friends. Now you can publish your 3DTin actions to your Facebook timeline. Whenever you create a new 3D Model, rate or comment on others’ models; your friends can automatically learn about it. Of course this is an optional feature and is not turned on until you explicitly enable it. (Merely logging in with Facebook identity doesn’t automatically turn this option on. We respect your privacy.)

All these customizations are available on your “Edit Profile” page that can be launched from the “Account Profile” window in the main app.

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