You want to upgrade to Premium Account today, here’s why

We introduced 3DTin Premium membership about an year ago. The premium membership mainly offers ability to save models privately and an Ad free interface, among other things. The goal is to build a self-sustaining business out of 3DTin. We offered the membership for a small one time payment of $4.99. Since 3DTin had a pretty humble feature-set back then, it didn’t make sense to ask for large sums. We have come a long way since then. As we are putting more days and nights into 3DTin, it is turning into a useful CAD tool that even professionals want to use for their work. Therefore it’s time to upgrade the price.

We are soon going to offer the Premium membership via subscription based payment, i.e.  you can buy yearly subscriptions for using premium services of 3DTin. At the end of the subscription period you will have to pay again for next year. This is in contrast to the current pricing model of pay-one-time-and-use-for-lifetime. This change is coming soon; but not today!

That brings us to the title of the post. All the users who have already bought a premium membership will enjoy the service without any further payments. They are already lifetime premium members. As long as we are up and running, they will be served. We want to give the same opportunity to our other loyal users (you) to get a lifetime premium membership for a one time fee, before we switch to the recurring payment model. That is why we are informing you about the plans in advance.

You can still become a premium 3DTin member for a one-time payment of $9.99. That will entitle you to use 3DTin for your professional needs any time in future without any extra payments. With a single tiny payment today you will get all future features and upgrades. We have several features lined up that will exclusively be available to premium users. If you know our track record for past 2 years, you know 3DTin is going to become a super valuable tool in not-so-distant future. You don’t want to miss such an opportunity. This offer is for limited time only, so you want to hurry.

Have I convinced you yet? Then this is where you go

Let others know too. Thanks for your support in advance!

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