We just got a 3D Printer

Watching our users printing objects created in 3DTin, we always wanted to have a 3D printer of our own. The 3D printing revolution is not yet as wide spread in India as it is in the West. Ordering a Makerbot requires jumping through a lot of hoops with the customs. So when I read about Karan Chaphekar’s 3D printing project in a local newspaper, I immediately got in touch. He is a 22-year old hardware tinkerer with a lot of interest in Robotics. He got fascinated by the 3D printing revolution and started hacking the Reprap design. To the best of my knowledge, he is the first in India to have successfully built a hobbyist 3D printer. Without any delay, we offered to buy a 3D printer kit from him as soon as he could collect all the parts.

Couple of months ago Karan collected all the spare parts required to build a Reprap Prusa Mendel and delivered to us with all the necessary instructions. We assembled the printer step-by-step over the period of month. At the end we were stuck with the electronics. Yesterday, Karan was kind enough to lend a hand to get us through the final steps of the printer assembly and you can see the results in pictures.

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If you are in India and are eager to build a 3D printer, Karan is your man. You can reach him via email or find him on facebook.

The first object we printed with the brand new printer was this simple abstract ‘Stargazer’ model I created a while ago. (well not really, the actual first one was a boring cube)

It ain’t pretty, but it’s something. We can’t wait to play more with the printer.

This is going to help us better understand the problems some of our users face while printing their 3DTin models. One of them is the confusion about the units, we gotta fix that first. If you have suggestions about 3D printing issues, do let us know.

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2 Responses to We just got a 3D Printer

  1. kunal says:

    great 8

  2. rob says:

    can u post the [ics of some complex models u have made with this 3d printer

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