Winners of 3DTin i.materialise design contest

May was hot and happening. Loads of brilliant new models were created. Everyday we, the  judges, had great time browsing through new entries and rating them for the contest.  It is time to announce the winners now.

If you have been watching the leaderboard, you already know who they are. In last 5-10 days the top 3 competitors did their best to consolidate their positions, with some beautiful new models.

Let me present to you the 3 winners of 3DTin i.materialise design contest. They have won a free 3D print of one of their models from i.materialise. They have also won a 3DTin premium membership.


Germán is at the top of the scoreboard with 25.17 points. You may remember, he was the runner-up in the last contest. He has repeated this feat once more. He makes brilliant models of cars, boats and motorbikes. The ones above are only some of my favorite ones. Germán’s creative use of 3DTin’s capabilities has been exemplary. His work shows how one can use the minimal set of tools that 3DTin provides to transform their vision into 3D models. Check out more of Germán’s models at his profile page.

Stealth the third

Stealth the third” has scored the 2nd spot with 24 points. She has created a variety of  models – from mushrooms under a tree to an assembly of political figures in cubeworld. Her work demonstrates how thoughtful models can be created by putting simple shapes together. Great job! Check out more of her work on her profile page.


Akin is another veteran 3DTin user. He has created excellent models over time. I am glad he found enough time to create some more amazing models this month. He stands 3rd in the leaderboard with 19.5 points. Some of Akin’s models have pushed 3DTin to its limit. We sometimes use them to benchmark our product. Above are some of the most beautiful models Akin has created this time. Check out more of Akin’s work on his profile page.

Big congratulations to all the winners.

Also, big thanks to i.materialise for helping us reward our top users and also for helping us rate the entries.

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