Geometry toolbar and Template search

We have added a lot of templates over time – the little geometries that you can customize and add to your models. We now have around 60 of them. More templates give you more variety, so more is better. But with lot of templates to browse through, it becomes very hard to quickly find the exact template you want at the moment. Well, now we have a solution for that.

You will now find a geometry toolbar besides the “Add geometries” button that will help you reach most commonly used templates faster.

The buttons in this toolbar are shortcuts to a category of templates. When you click on these buttons the template browser will open with only the templates from respective category in the list. For example, clicking on Cylinder will open list of templates derived from Cylinder or clicking on Torus will open list of templates derived from Torus and so on.

Furthermore, the template browser now has a generic text search for templates. You can summon any template or group of similar templates by typing a descriptive phrase in the search box. For example, if you are looking for Circular Pipe Pie, you can search for just “pie” and you will see your desired template in first screenful. The autocomplete drop-down makes this even more easier.

We hope these features will speed up your 3D Modeling tasks. Let us know in comments what you think.

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