Bag of big-n-small changes

We have recently re-designed several big and small parts of 3DTin UI, so that you can make best use of 3DTin. I would like to highlight them in this blog post.


We understand that a web based app should do its best to provide different communication channels between its users. That’s when online collaboration really takes place. You can now comment on sketches, expressing your opinions, suggestions and questions for the artist of that sketch or any other useful information you may want to share.

New look for profile pages

When you put so much time in creating awesome 3D artwork, the page that presents it should be equally eye-catching. Our recent redesign of profile pages is certainly a step in that direction.

Uncluttered Sketch details dialog

It’s the dialog that opens when you click on “more”. A lot of functionality was jammed into this single dialog. We have separated it into two dialogs now. The Sketch details page now only gives information directly relevant to the sketch and provides easily accessible share buttons.

Export dialog

The export options that were previously part of Sketch details dialog, are now placed in a separate window of their own. The new layout puts forward all the export options much more cleanly.

How do you like them?

Let us know.

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