3DTin Challenge results

The time is up. The first 3DTin Challenge is closed. … and here are the results.

With 1928 points, MrFisher has come out as the topmost artist in the challenge. He is the winner of our first prize – a brand new Makerbot Replicator. Here are some of our favorite picks from MrFisher’s brilliant models. (Yes. He has even created a model of a Makerbot that we would like to seem him print using the actual Makerbot)

The first runner up artist of this challenge is Germán, with 802 points.

Germán has created spectacularly creative concept car models using 3DTin. He is also one of the first artists who has figured out how to effectively apply Scaling and Shearing tools on cylindrical, spherical, toroidal objects and use them creatively in his work. Here are our favorite picks from Germán’s portfolio.

The second runner up artist is Phil Tran, with 106 points. Phil has created some very popular models on 3DTin. His models of AK 47 and SAW were used by many other artists to create derivative artworks. In this challenge he submitted some more of his fascinating Gun models. Here are couple of them.

All three of the above winners have received 3DTin premium membership. Now they can design without any distracting ads, and also with more screen space by hiding the gallery. Moreover they can save private sketches if they want to.

There have been several more entries that are of exceptional quality, but not everyone could make it to the podium. But don’t worry, we will have more incentives for you in future.

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