Win a Makerbot – 3DTin Challenge

We are very excited to announce the first 3DTin Challenge.

Our users have created incredible 3D models using 3DTin so far. With the scoring system we try to make it more fun for them. But for a long time, we wanted to host a real competition with real prizes. We were waiting until we could add enough features to allow some interesting modeling scenarios. Now that a lot of those features are in, it’s time to invite you all for a contest.

For a 3D Modeling competition like this, what prize could be more fitting than a brand new 3D Printer?

Thanks to the amazing people of Makerbot Industries, the first grand prize of this 3DTin Challenge is going to be a Makerbot.


So how does it work?

Log in to and start building 3D Models. That’s it. As many as you can. As wild as you can imagine. Your models will be shown to other users and they will rate them. Our revamped reputation system will determine your final scores based on peer ratings. At the end of one month (March 25) we will declare the winners.

Top 3 scorers will get lifetime 3DTin premium membership. The top scorer will get the grand prize – Makerbot. If the scores of the shortlisted contestants aren’t significantly different, then the first prize winner will be decided by a lucky draw.

You can read the detailed rules here.

The challenge ends on March 25. More models you make, more peer ratings you can earn. It will all add to your final score. So waste no time. Start now.

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