Reputation scores

You may have noticed that your reputation score and/or the ratings of your sketches changed yesterday. In most of the cases the user’s reputation scores must have gone down, while ratings of their sketches may have gone up. This happened because we have updated our formulae that calculate these scores based on the points the users give to the sketches.

Our old formulae had a few problems. We encourage users to share their sketches and improve other’s sketches that they have shared under creative commons. Therefore, when a derivative sketch gets credit, we add part of it to the root sketch it was derived from. In our old system, this was implemented alright, but the formula was little unfair. If a root sketch has received high points from other users, but its derivative receives significantly low points from the users, then it used to bring down the rating of the root sketch. This is not fair in most of the cases. In the new rules, we have fixed this problem.

Also, in our old system, the reputation points the creator of the sketch used to get from it was 10 multiplied by the average rating of the sketch. Due to this, if an excellent sketch got 100 ratings each of 4 points, then its creator (A) used to get total 40 reputation points, but if another sketch however got just 1 rating of 5 points, its creator (B) used to get 50 reputation points. In the new formula, we merely add user given points directly to the reputation of the creator of sketch. Thus in above example, creator A will receive 400 reputation points, while creator B will receive 5 points.

Here are the exact formulae for the interested readers


[ Image created with Texify and WebEquation ]

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