Search, Tags, Login options

Happy New Year all!

I am glad to announce this year’s first feature-set today.

Now you can use a search box to discover sketches on 3DTin. Here is an example.


To improve the search experince and categorize the sketches efficiently we have also implemented tagging. You can add tags while saving a new sketch. You can update them later by pressing ‘more’ button in titlebox. Moreover, tags are managed in wiki-style, i.e. anyone can add/remove tags from anyone else’s sketches. We hope that collaboratively all of us can build a more structured library of 3D models in future.


In order to make the search results safe, we have implemented a flagging mechanism too. For sketches with offensive content, you can just click on the flag icon in the titlebox and we will filter those sketches out from the search results.


Although search box is currently only useful to search for sketches and users, it is going to play a vital role in the overall 3D modeling workflow. Stay tuned to this blog to hear more on that.

And yes. You no longer have to have Google login in order to login to 3DTin. We now support OpenID login for Twitter and Facebook identities too.



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