Teach and Earn

We know that some of you are good at teaching others about a tool like 3DTin. We have seen some enthusiastic video tutorials on Youtube showing how to use 3DTin. You are definitely better at it than we are. So here is a good news for you.

Create a video tutorial that shows how to use 3DTin to create awesome 3D models and we will give you the Premium Membership for FREE.

Just record your 3DTin session when you are creating a model. Describe the steps briefly as you go along and upload the video to Youtube. Let’s know about it through the following submission form.


(You can get to the above form by clicking on the “info” icon in top toolbar and then clicking on the video icon in lower-left corner of keyboard shortcuts window. You will also see a “Teach & Earn” webclip now and then, it leads to the same form.)

If your video follows the guidelines, you get a Premium Membership.

We will feature select videos in 3DTin gallery to give them the exposure they deserve.

So start recording…

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