3D Text improvements

Last week we introduced 3D Text. Even though it worked as it was supposed to, there were some caveats. For one it was darn slow. Moreover the parameters (width, height, text length) were confusing.

Over weekend I found a way to speed things up a little by caching intermediate results. Now you won’t have to wait forever for the text solid to build. The build time is proportional to the length of the text. We allow text length that can be built within 1 minute. The limit on text length was 5 characters. With latest improvements we can build longer text strings, so we have now raised the limit to 10 characters.

It is now also possible to create text with any aspect ratio. You can specify both width and height of the desired text and our server will scale the text accordingly. If you leave one of the Width or Height to 0, then that dimension will be automatically calculated to suite the default aspect ratio of text.

Hope the typophiles among you will like these improvements.

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