Backend migration is now complete

A month long project to rewrite 3DTin backend has finally paid off. 24 hours ago we switched to our new server that is hosted on Amazon EC2. All the data was migrated from GAE datastore to our new database, with virtually no downtime. Other peripheral functions like Leaderboard and Premium membership payment system were restored gradually and now everything is working as before the switch.

Our new server architecture uses Tornado Web server, Amazon S3 for storage and PostGreSql for database. Unlike Google App Engine, we are in total control of this environment. It has already simplified many aspects of 3DTin webapp and I can see many opportunities to improve things further.

Please log in to your 3DTin account and let me know if you see any problems.

Update It has come to our notice that some users who have saved sketches on 3DTin in the past, may not find them anymore. If this happens, please don’t panic, just drop me an email. Your data is safe, it may just be differently organized due to new login mechanism.

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