Cubes are fast again

The performance improvements we delivered few weeks ago, were mainly geared towards advanced geometry. For the sake of consistency in the code, we applied the same rendering techniques to cube based models as well. It worked alright, however the performance of cube based models dropped drastically.

I expect use of advanced geometry will be more commonplace than cubes in the future. However, cubes give more freedom in drawing arbitrary shapes. And more importantly we have users who are very talented pixel artists and have created gorgeous artwork like the one below. We want to make sure that their cube based models render as fast as the ones with the advanced geometry, therefore we have fixed part of the code that was causing problems. Now the cube based models should load quickly.


You can now try to load above sketch and it will load without blocking your browser.

Moreover we had some bugs in smoothing that used to make smoothed sketches take longer to load. We have fixed them too.

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