Google In App Payments

We now support Google In App payments!

Google introduced this API during the summer this year to facilitate quick purchases from inside the webapps with minimum number of clicks possible. (Ideally minimum = 2. First one to initiate the transaction, second to confirm it). Since a lot of our users come from Chrome Web Store, they are likely to have Google Checkout accounts. We wanted to make it super easy for them to buy 3DTin Premium.

In online purchases – especially at lower price points – the inhibiting factor is not the price of the purchase, but the unwillingness of the user to fill in forms for Credit card info and billing address. That is why we wanted to make sure that there are as few hassles in the purchase process as possible. Google In App payments does exactly that. You can do the purchase in the middle of an editing session, and complete the transaction without ever leaving or refreshing the page.


Moreover, Google In App payment API is incredibly simple to program against. I decided to start working on it exactly 24 hours ago. I had deployed it to the production server within 5 hours. Half of that time was spent in doing the artwork for the feature. Just read through the Getting Started tutorial and then look at the implementation of this simple demo app. Between these two links, you will find most of what you need to integrate the payment feature in your Web app. I love the Web APIs that just work.

We have still left the Paypal button alongside the Google Checkout button, for those who prefer that option.

Let us know your feedback.

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