3DTin Premium

The goal of 3DTin has been to build a 3D modeling tool in a web browser that is easily accessible and freely available to everyone. All the modeling functionality that 3DTin offers will be available to everyone as long as they want to share their work with others under Creative Commons.

With the same goal in mind we are offering 3DTin Premium, starting today.

As we add more features to 3DTin, it will be possible to design more advanced models with an intuitive UI. We realize that some professional artists would like to make use of it in their work and may not want to share their sketches under Creative Commons. They can now do so by buying 3DTin Premium for a tiny price of $4.99.

That’s not all though.

3DTin Premium comes with Ad free interface. The complete page height is used for the image gallery.

3DTin Premium supports full screen editor. There is little hide button, that will let you hide the entire gallery altogether. You will be able to use all the real estate on the webpage for the job of model editing. Helps a great deal if you are on small screen laptop.

3DTin Premium lets you delete your sketches. Something that users have been asking for for some time now.


As you may have noticed, since last couple of posts I have started using “we” instead of “I”. That’s because I have been joined by a promising programmer who I believe will bring great value to 3DTin. We have a long list of things that we think will create a fun and rich 3D modeling experience, in a web browser. In coming few months you can expect some major improvements to 3DTin.


With the revenue that we make from 3DTin Premium, we will be able to better finance our work on 3DTin.

Stay tuned!

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4 Responses to 3DTin Premium

  1. J.hemasudip says:

    very nice, a prosperous thing to draw ,make nice drawings, thanks 3dtin premium

  2. akyip says:

    $4.99 per one year?

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