3DTin jQuery plugin

A by-product of the recent rewrite of 3DTin was that, it got well modularized. I was able to separate the core 3DTin editor from the rest of the application logic. Once having done that, it was easy to package the core editor as a jQuery plugin. 

The way it works is very simple. On your HTML page, include a <canvas> tag. Then invoke the 3DTin jQuery plugin on that element and it will convert the rectangular canvas into a 3D model editor. It’s that simple.

You can see the demo here. For complete documentation of the jQuery plugin go here.

It’s now possible to provide the core editor functionality of 3DTin to other developers to integrate it in their web apps. I have received many enquiries from Game developers and furniture shops about this kind of collaboration. I am glad we can do it now. In fact one game developer has already started integrating 3DTin plugin into his project.

Just head over to the links above and try it yourself. You can download the SDK from that page and try to integrate it into your app. If you like the results and want to make it part of your project, drop me an email about sub-licensing and pricing options. You will receive the source code and other goodies once you buy the license.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.


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4 Responses to 3DTin jQuery plugin

  1. TheEctopus says:

    I’d like to add a link to 3Dtin on my site. Also wanted to know if we could be added as a saving option. please DM or email me. ectopus@gmail.com

  2. unable to see any(both) link

    • jyro says:

      Yeah, several more changes have gone into 3DTin since this post. We still use it as a jQuery plugin; but the demo pages didn’t receive our proper attention over time. Sorry for that.

      However check out http://www.3dtin.com. It’s running the same jQuery plugin described in this post.

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