After the rewrite

According to the “Git”orian calendar, today is the first anniversary of 3DTin.


Coincidentally the big rewrite finished on this special day as well. 

I may write a big blogpost on whys and hows of the rewrite if I get time. For now, I am glad it’s done and can’t wait to use the new code structure to implement even cooler things. In coming days I will be posting about them. 

There are no major visual changes, the rewrite was mainly of the javascript core. But there are couple of things I managed to improve.

Semi transparent cursor cubes for WebGL


See the black row of semi-transparent black cubes on top edge of the gun. Semi-transparent cubes give preview of which color is currently chosen.

New Sketch details dialog


A consolidated dialog that give sharing options, rating bar, export options, preview of source and derivative sketches, all in one.

Apart from these GUI changes, everything should just work as it was working before. But if you find otherwise, please let me know.

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