Make money with your 3DTin artwork

By adding a Flattr button to your profile.

Flattr is a micropayment service that… Well I can’t possibly explain it any better than this official video.

Now you can get paid for your 3D artwork from your fans via Flattr.

How to enable it?

Just open your profile page, click on “Edit Profile” and turn the “Show Flattr Button” checkbox on. This will show a flattr button on your profile. But in order for that button to function, you will have to have an active Flattr account and you should have submitted your profile URL to Flattr. How to do it? Click on the “More instructions” link and you will see a step-by-step guide (complete with screenshots) on how to proceed.

Furthermore, you can now personalize your profile with your twitter feed. Just add your twitter screen name in settings editor.

Here is how a profile now looks with all things added



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