Moving objects around

One of the annoying shortcomings of 3DTin was, to not be able to move the cubes once they are drawn. In a drawing tool it is a common practice to draw part of the sketch at some random empty location and once it’s ready move it around to fit into the big picture. This functionality was missing from 3DTin. Not any more.


Click on the new move tool, then click on the group of cubes that you want to move and drag. The group of cubes that are contiguously located are treated as single group and are moved together. If you happen to drag the group on top of another group of cubes, the move won’t happen. Handling multiple cubes located at same location is messy from implementation as well as user’s point of view. But apart from that you can relocate any part of your sketch to a new location.

I have also started writing a User’s guide on Wikibooks. It is a place to document 3DTin features that are not so obvious. It has only bullet points so far, but it will take shape over time. Join me to edit it.

Meanwhile, an enthusiastic user has posted a youtube video tutorial on 3DTin, check it out.

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