Create custom products with 3DTin Pixel art

You can now use 3DTin outside your computer screen.

If you now visit 3DTin, you will see a 3DTin store icon in the lower right corner of the page (where there used to be an Amazon ad).


It is a gateway to 3DTin store on Zazzle. Whatever 3D Pixel art now you draw with 3DTin, can be printed on the Zazzle products with just a single mouse click. Zazzle provides an array of products that you can customize with images of your choice. The products include T-Shirts, Mugs, Mouse pads, Hats, Ties, Key chains and many more. Thanks to Zazzle’s developer API, this product customization is now closely integrated with 3DTin.


As you click on the store, a snapshot of your current artwork is uploaded to 3DTin servers and you are prompted to proceed to Zazzle store. In the store, currently there are 5 products that will show up with the snapshot of your artwork printed on them. You can click on them to view details. If you want to change the size or location of the image on the product you can click on ‘Customize it!’ button and change the settings to your wish. If you like the outcome, just go ahead and buy it.

Now you have a way to show off your 3D Pixel art to your friends on your T-shirts and Mugs. Go get it!



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