on Chrome 8

I tried 3DTin on Chrome 8 as soon as it showed up in dev channel last week. Good news is, if you have graphics card capable of handling WebGL, then Chrome 8 has got WebGL anti-aliasing right (at least on Linux, on other platforms it was already working I hear), so it looks beautiful. Bad news is, if you don’t have WebGL capable graphics card, 3DTin webpage doesn’t seem load at all. Actually it falls back to Canvas 2D, but for some reason it doesn’t show anything. I suspect Chrome 8 is little unstable. I will test more with latest Chrome 8 builds, meanwhile keep note of this if you are the bleeding edge Chrome user.

Update (Oct 26): Looks like the problem is specific to Ubuntu+Chrome combination and not necessarily Chrome 8. For now I have got WebGL working on Chrome 7 on Ubuntu 10.10 with command line flags

--enable-webgl --use-gl=desktop


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