Gallery, new toolbars, browser support (IE8)

In past week I added number of improvements to 3DTin. 

It now sports a gallery of sketches that show what can be achieved with 3DTin. It shows on the right of the canvas and is currently populated by selective sketches. You can just click on them to load in the editor. You can save your own copies of them too. The gallery needs some more tidying up to behave properly on mouse hover, I will get to that later this week.

The toolbars are re-done now. They now look more slim and sexy. (Icons courtesy Pixel-mixer)

Most importantly the browser support has been expanded. Some experiments with excanvas have resulted in 3DTin working in IE8. ExplorerCanvas is a javascript library that emulates HTML5 canvas API in Internet Explorer. It converts canvas calls into Microsoft’s VML markup. Needless to say it makes the app run extremely slow. It is however sufficient to render a 3DTin document in IE. It may not be suitable for interactive editing. Nonetheless it’s far better than a “Not Supported” page for IE8 visitors. IE9 will support canvas API natively I hear, that’s a good news. Some CSS still needs to be tailored to degrade gracefully on IE, I will do that too later this week.

Do checkout the new look and let me know what you think.


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