Orthographic projection

Just deployed orthographic projection support to 3DTin. It wasn’t much work. Just had to rethink and tweak some algorithms, but it turned out well. In fact orthographic version of the algorithms is a simplified special case of their perspective counterpart.

Orthographic is the default projection now. You can change it with the icons at bottom left. Check these screenshots to get the idea.

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2 Responses to Orthographic projection

  1. tobi says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you could point me some links that show how did you manage to calculate an orthoprojection. Normally I calculate the model_view_projection against a vertex in vertex shader (with a perpespective camera). however I don’t know how to do with an orthographic projection.

  2. Harrison says:

    Tony, couldn’t you just swap out your perspective camera with an ortho one? Or does your camera have a setMatrix function, anything along those lines?

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